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Avicii’s Iconic Hats Collection

This post features all caps that Avicii has worn in his career. We’ll take a look at the various hats he wore throughout his career, highlighting how they became a key part of his personal style. Get ready to see some of the memorable hats that Avicii wore.

Who was Avicii?

Avicii - Portrait photo

Avicii, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was a famous DJ and music producer from Sweden. He became very popular for his catchy electronic dance music hits like “Wake Me Up” and “Levels.” Besides his amazing music, Avicii was known for his unique fashion style, which was casual and comfortable yet stylish.

Significance of Hats in Avicii’s Wardrobe

image 2

One of the standout features of Avicii’s fashion was his love for hats. He often wore different types of hats during his performances and public appearances. Hats became a signature part of his look, making him instantly recognizable. Whether it was a snapback, beanie, or baseball cap, Avicii’s hats added a cool and relaxed vibe to his overall style.

2Vicious Snapback Red

avicii 2vicious
One of my favorite caps – 2Vicious cap worn by Avicii, at a festival

Unfortunately, 2Vicious doesn’t make caps anymore. The instagram isn’t active and their domain expired. Therefore, I tried to remake this cap:

Avicii 2Vicious Cap (Red)

As written, the cap isn’t available for purchase.

The Stories Cap

Avicii Stories Cap (2024 Edition)
Avicii Stories Cap (2024 Edition)

Okay, I admit: Tim didn’t wear it, but I LOVE the design of this cap. Tim sold this cap in 2015 (signed) … and the Avicii Merchandise store made a 2024 edition. You can get it here

(Thanks to my girlfriend for buying it for me ❤️)

The 2015 version looks a bit different though:

image 3

47BRAND Chicago Blackhawks

The logo on the cap is from the Chicago Blackhawks, a professional ice hockey team. The Chicago Blackhawks logo features a Native American profile, and it is one of the most recognizable logos in the NHL.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

brave jhUzsLl2VW

The logo on the cap in your image is the Major League Baseball (MLB) logo, featuring the silhouette of a batter in red, white, and blue. This logo is commonly found on various MLB team hats, indicating official merchandise.

You can find MLB hats with this logo on various platforms, including:

  1. Lids: They offer a wide range of MLB team hats, including fitted and adjustable caps. You can explore different designs from teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and many others​ (Lids)​​ (Lids)​.
  2. Fanatics: This site has a comprehensive collection of MLB hats, including special editions and team-specific designs. They provide options for all major teams such as the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, and St. Louis Cardinals​ (Fanatics)​​ (Fanatics)​​ (Fanatics)​.
  3. MLB Shop: The official MLB shop offers authentic caps for every MLB team, featuring the iconic MLB logo. You can find various styles including the 59FIFTY fitted caps, 39THIRTY flex hats, and more​ (Lids)​.

Final Words

Any other caps that I forgot? Please tell me in the comments 🙂
Thank you in advance for your help! 😊


What Hat-Brands did Avicii wear?

According to a Reddit user, Tim wore following brands:
Pink Dolphin, Yums and Patagonia

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