FiveRP, my german roleplay project, is now 1 year old.

by Livvux

Time goes by, really fast. I just noticed this when a project of mine became 1 year old. FiveRP is a community-focussed german roleplay project that was founded by me in Summer 2019. The official website of FiveRP has been accessed over more than 250.000 times.

As project leader, I’m really proud to see how far this project came. Many players feel to have their second home on FiveRP, while banned people speak bad about the server. Of course: Where success is, there is hate. But we don’t care.

With the birthday of FiveRP, the new version ‘evolved’ started. With over 300+ registered characters in the first 2 days. What an insane number!

I’m really proud to be part of this project – and the head of it. Let’s see what future brings. 😉

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