How the bounce-rate can affect your SEO

by Livvux

Website clicks do affect the SEO ranking on Google and other search engines. The lower the bounce rate, the better the result on your SEO ranking for your website (in most cases). Of course it depends what kind of website you have. Google have to analyze and understand what type of website it is.

I noticed, the more clicks you get, where the visitors stay on your website and doesn’t leave fast, Google recognizes that your website might be ‘the one the visitor is looking for’. So it’s definitely influencing the ranking of your website.

Focus on content and your visitors

Be the website your visitors are looking for. Give them tips and exactly that, what they want. If they get what they are looking for, Google recognizes this and your website goes up on ranking. Your site does not have to specially stand out, but has to give your visitors clear answers. So focus on content and usability.

Why does Google do that?

It’s simple: If Google thinks your website is the one the ‘Googlers’ (what a word) is looking for, it will rank your page higher. Ranking takes time, so put your legs up and get a cup of coffee. Google’s algorithm has many factors – one of them is the bounce rate. If many people join your site and leave, Google recognizes this and thinks your website is ‘low-quality’ – or at least not the best one for the visitors.

Reasons for a high bouncing rate?

All have something in common: Negative usability, issued by:

  • Huge loading times
  • Annoying ads
  • Complicated navigation
  • Irrelevant content
  • Ads/Keywords don’t match to the ones that the client is looking for
  • Technical difficulties

Make sure to check your website before you try to rank it. Creation comes first, SEO after. So make sure, before SEO, that your site works.

And now in conclusion: Make sure your site is helpful and it will be found. If people leave your site, this can clearly affect your SEO. Optimize your site and get found!

Content – deliver answers.

Offer the solution the visitor is looking for. Ask yourself: “What does my visitor google to find me and my products?” Don’t make it complicated.

Write and publish content, deliver answers. Be the one that your customer is looking for!

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