I was always interested in music, since kindergarden. Not only listening, but also in creating. As a child in kindergarden, I always addicted to play the drums. Then, in primary school, I wanted to learn the keyboard, because I had a friend and he was playing it. When I saw it, I was really amazed about the playing and the sounds. So I started playing it in his house. And I loved it.

First I used Magix Music Maker in 2009

When I was like 12, back in 2009, I googled for a software to make some little beats. I found Magix Music Maker. Combining loops that matched was the first creative thing I made about digital music and Magix Music Maker was my first DAW.

Then, in 2011, I decided to download the software FL Studio. I was amazed by how flexible and amazing this software is. So I’m still using it today and I am a big fan of this software.

Did you know: FL Studio was called Fruity Loops but was sued by Kellog’s

Because the names are very similar, Kellog’s felt offended that Fruity Loops is basically the same name as their product: Froot Loops.

The FL-company didn’t lose the lawsuit, but they gave up since they didn’t have the money to pay a lawyer. They decided to rename ‘Fruity Loops’ to ‘FL Studio’.

Those are cereals by Kellog’s and that’s why Kellog’s decided to sue Image-Line, the company behind Fruity Loops / FL Studio.