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Are you looking for a SEO Freelancer? If yes, I want to introduce myself to you. Hi! My name is Lucas and this is my website introducing myself as a passionate Online Marketing Expert. I am specialized in the field of search engine optimization (SEO).

As an SEO sepcialist and freelancer, my clients include a wide variety of firms and companies, restaurants, service providers, brokers, lawyers, doctors, online stores, retailers from small to midsize. In today’s times, everyone needs to be visible on Google and other search engines. Only companies on page 1 (on top) are clicked and generate clicks, visitors, inquiries and resulting sales.

A nice and modern website is extremely helpful and an important basis, but for a long time not enough to be really found. Search engine optimization helps to be found exactly where your customers are already looking for your products or services. In a cooperation I attach great importance to honesty and transparency. In case of a cooperation you will regularly receive a written report from me with all implemented measures and the development. Furthermore, there are no restricted contract periods, you decide about duration and intensity. In my work I pay attention to the compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

For my work I use professional tools like ahrefs and SemRush!

Don’t hesitate to send me a message if you need a SEO freelancer! I will be happy to help you with my SEO analysis and service and a free consutling service. I look forward to hearing from you and introduce myself to you!

Lucas Kleipödszus
Lucas KleipödszusSEO Freelancer
Hi there! I am Lucas and I work as a freelancer.

My way of working as a SEO freelancer

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About me and my experience as SEO freelancer

My first steps as SEO freelancer were in 2010. I tried to learn and study the Google algorithm and tried out different things to list my website even better. Starting with minor projects, I developed a unique technique to use to rank pages and helped driving schools, retailers, lawyers and doctors to rank their websites on Google. Even online stores and bigger companies benefited from my work as a search-engine expert. I had developed a great passion for good rankings very quickly. I realized that you can make good money (and customers) just by ranking a website. I love to pass on my know-how and therefore decided to offer my services professionally.

As of today, I supported numerous companies, retailers and even media agencies with my talent as SEO freelancer to rank pages. I have also ranked my own projects on the internet with my technical know-how. As an online marketer, the focus is on measurable results: With my skills, I was able to help websites get several million views this way. What I love about my work? The different needs and conditions of my clients. I love to adapt and discover new things and people. When a client tells me about their company and product, and how they want to market it best. I also personally look after many customers and advise them directly and personally accordingly.

What I knew from the beginning: Google search queries will be an increasingly important role in the future. Because nowadays everyone is browsing the internet. Google is constantly changing and you simply have to keep up with the times. Therefore, I advise and support you as an SEO freelancer. Any questions? Contact me today and get an answer within 48 hours!

Frequently asked questions about my service


What does a SEO freelancer do?

The term “SEO” is a shortcut and means Search Engine Optimization. This includes any long-term measures that are intended to increase the positioning of the website in the long term. As an SEO freelancer you take care of the better Google positioning of a website. One implements quasi measures, which lead to the fact that Google evaluates the side better. Especially in competitive industries or popular search terms it is difficult to rank. And this is where I come in as your partner: I advise you and implement measures for your website so that it ranks higher on Google. Together we manage to push your website and thus increase your overall web ranking.

What do you offer?

With many years of experience and planned strategies I bring your website forward in terms of Google Ranking. I am happy to offer you my work as an SEO freelancer. We will find a customized solution that is individually tailored to you. My calculation is transparent, simple and comprehensible, so you always know where you stand.

What is SEO?

As an SEO freelancer I offer you my targeted measures of search engine optimization. This includes the Onpage and Offpage optimization. That means: I implement the SEO measures concretely on the website (OnPage) but also externally I take care of a link building (OffPage). Because the more good links a website has, the better and more important it is considered by Google.

What is SEA?

As an SEO freelancer I also take care of SEA measures. This includes all “paid ads” that you can book on Google. I create your Google Ads campaign and manage you also continuously very happy for you.

What is Local SEO?

Local, or location-based SEO, is search engine optimization targeted for your location. This is especially beneficial for regional and local merchants to be listed locally. Here I create a Google MyBusiness entry and position you for the proximity of your customers. This also includes Google Maps.

How much experience do you have (as SEO freelancer)?

I have been involved in search engine optimization since 2010, so I have over 12 years of experience in this field.

SEO Onpage and Offpage

In short, OnPage SEO are measures that are implemented on the website itself. OffPage SEO are all measures outside your page (links/yellow pages/etc).

I am happy to offer you my work as an SEO freelancer. We will find a customized solution, which is individually tailored to you. My calculation is transparent, simple and comprehensible, so you always know where you stand.

Onpage SEO

The measures directly on the website are numerous. The focus is on content components such as so-called keywords (i.e. search terms), images, texts, technical features, URL structure and title and description better known to Google as metadata. The metadata of the website consists of the so-called title tag (title) and the meta description (description, what is the page about). These two parts are optimized by me as an SEO freelancer for keywords/search terms and an optimal readability for the Google search robot. As an SEO Freelancer I create a preliminary analysis after we had arranged a meeting together. That means, we find out in the very first step, what your customers should enter into the search engine in the first place and ultimately find (you). And most importantly, in consultation with you, I define focus keywords (i.e. main search terms) that will be particularly important to me during optimization. I optimize your website text, because this is also important. A normal text is usually not as extensive as an SEO text and does not contain relevant search terms. The creation and maintenance is also done by me. Of course in consultation with you. Since Google wants only the best for its users, I optimize as a freelancer for SEO your website as a basis, so that they also get only the best.

Offpage SEO

OffPage SEO includes all measures that are carried out outside a website. Here it is mainly about the measures to generate links to your website. Links are built from other websites that are thematically relevant to your own website. In this way, Google virtually knows that your website is trustworthy. Whoever has the best or most relevant ratings, i.e. links, also gets the better positioning on Google search in the end. But not only the link quantity is crucial here. Above all, the quality, topic relevance and topicality of the linking pages play a major role. Because Google is constantly evolving and quickly recognizes bad and false links (including purchased ones). But also things like the Google Search Console or the Google MyBusiness entry fall into the area of OffPage optimization. I will also gladly create a Google MyBusiness profile for you and your company.

This is why you need SEO

As a SEO Freelancer, I can tell you: Search engine optimization is extremely important for you – because the competition never sleeps. If you have your own website, you also have to make sure that it gets clicked. And this is where I come in as an SEO freelancer. It is important to stand out from other websites – and to be well positioned. Especially in recent years, it has become increasingly important to be well listed. I bring your website up to scratch and as an SEO freelancer I also take care of steadily growing success of your site.

SEO is one of the most important marketing methods at all. Flyers, offline campaigns and other advertisements can hardly keep up. An increasing number of users of cell phones, PCs and tablets can also be seen, especially in Corona times. People who search for a product online, and find yours, become your customers. Search engine optimization will help you gain important market share and not leave sales to the competition. Take care of your future and a secure marketing channel. Contact me and enjoy my SEO measures.

What I offer as SEO freelancer

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO for local businesses (local targeting)
  • Creation and optimization of Google MyBusiness entries/profiles
  • Keyword research and market analysis
  • Backlink Building (White-Hat)
  • On- and OffPage SEO (long term business relationship)
  • Web design support and advice
  • Creating SEO texts and articles

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Lucas KleipödszusSEO Freelancer
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