TakeTwo registered domain gtavicecityonline.com

by Livvux

So it’s basically confirmed: TakeTwo registered the domain gtavicecityonline.com – This is, in my opinion, a clear hint for a Vice City online mode in the future. Rumors say, the GTA 6 map will be Vice City (or a small part of it), so is this a confirmation? In my opinion: It can be!

Here the proof: https://who.is/whois/gtavicecityonline.com

The domain was registered already in 2009, maybe Rockstar had plans back there. The last update of the domain wasw on: 2020-11-22T12:09:58Z

So, we can say for sure: The domain has been registered.
But has it to do with GTA 6? Not sure, but it can be.

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