Thank you, Tim.

In memory of Tim Berling (alias Avicii / Tim Berg)

The Tim Bergling Foundation

For A Better Day

The Tim Bergling Foundation is a Swedish foundation founded by Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén, the parents of the Swedish musician Tim Bergling, known as Avicii. Avicii died of suicide in 2018 after suffering from mental health problems for years. The foundation was originally set up to educate about the treatment of mental illness and suicide prevention. The foundation’s activities were later expanded to include development aid, species and nature conservation, and corporate management.

Can I help the agenda to fight depression?

Yes. Speak about it. Share your sorrows. If you want to donate to the Tim Bergling Foundation, you can do that via the button.

*the link redirects you to the official Tim Bergling Foundation page

A letter from Tim’s parents

Dear all,

Tim’s tragic death has deeply affected many people throughout the world. He had only just begun his journey to know and be part of the wider world outside of music.

Tim was a seeker and a sensitive, shy person who wanted to know the truth, he was interested in the human psyche and to find ways to an inner calm and he reacted to the world’s injustices and cared deeply for the planet.

Yet, it was in his music that he expressed himself, honestly and openly and it was the thing that gave him the most joy… the creative process and collaborations with the people he respected for their art and talent made him burst with enthusiasm.

In light of our loss, a loss that is indescribable as parents, but also for Tim’s friends, colleagues in the music industry and millions of Tim’s fans over the world, we felt that we should do something to ensure that Tim’s legacy is used to help, everlasting and in ways that hopefully can make real difference in some important areas.

With that all in mind Anki and I decided to start and devote ourselves to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which is the best we can do to honour our son.

With love,
Klas Bergling & Anki Lidén

Tim, we miss you.

Mental health matters.

Don’t go. Get help.

Without light, no shadows. I know some of you may struggeling. Even I do that, from time to time. It is important to get help.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness and other mental sicknesses are a big thing. You are not alone.