Tools I work with (for my music)

by Livvux

Good tools that work is really, really important in music. You have to be able to rely on your technology. Those are my tools I work with making music with FL Studio.

My software

  • My main DAW software: FL Studio 20 Producer Edition
  • Sample libraries: libraries, Vengeance-Libraries (refx)
  • Mastering/Mixing: iZotope Ozone, FL Studio native plugins
  • SideChain VST: Nicky Romero Kickstart
  • Instrument VSTs:
  • Electronic VSTs: Sylenth1, Spire, ReFX Nexus, Avenger

My hardware

  • Audiomonitors: JBL LSR305
  • Headphones: DT770 Pro 250 Ohm
  • Audio-Interface: Steinberg UR22
  • AMP HA400 Behringer
  • PC
  • Periphery: Corsair
  • Midi Keyboard: Nektar Impact LX88+
  • Mic: Rode NT1A
  • Cam: Logitech C920, Sony A7III, Canon EOS 70D

That’s basically it. In my opinion you don’t need to have the best tools, but tools you can work with. It’s not important how expensive they are/were, but how good you are producing with it and how easy it makes it.

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