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FL Studio Samples (I use) – Sources & Sites

Welcome to my list of sources for FL Studio samples (Sites & Packages).

This page will show my favorite sites and libraries where I get the best sounds for my productions with FL Studio Samples. High-quality samples are crucial for creating professional music, and these sources have helped me shape my sound.

Who am I?

I’m Livvux, making music since 2011 and using FL Studio since then. I love sharing my knowledge and experience to help other producers create amazing tracks.

You can find my YouTube channel right here:

ReFX Vengeance Packs

vengeance refx samplepacks

Since the beginning of making music, I have loved the Vengeance samples. They offer a lot of variety in terms of dynamics and are ready to drag and drop (.wav). With over 48 sample packages for various genres, I mainly use the House & Club samples.

Splice (KSHMR Pack)

Splice is a website where you can find lots of sounds and music samples to use in your own songs. It’s great for young musicians because you can choose from millions of sounds, like drum beats, melodies, and sound effects. The best part is that the sounds are royalty-free, which means you can use them without paying extra or getting into legal trouble. You can preview and download individual samples, so you only get the sounds you need. With Splice, creating your own music becomes easier and more fun!

Okay, don’t judge me, but I’ve been using them a lot (because they simply work well, most of the time): The KSHMR Pack 1-4:

splice banner

kshmr packages

Here are the links for them:


ReFX Nexus is a modern-style synthesizer

It’s a love & hate relationship: ReFX NEXUS 4 is one of my go-to plugins for high-quality sounds. It offers a huge library of presets, from powerful leads to lush pads, perfect for any genre. The sounds are polished and ready to use, which saves a lot of time during production. NEXUS 4 is especially great for electronic and pop music, and I use it extensively in my tracks.



Sylenth1 is another fantastic plugin that I often use. It’s known for its rich and warm analog sounds. Whether I’m looking for fat basslines, sharp leads, or beautiful pads, Sylenth1 has it all. It’s easy to use and very versatile, making it a staple in my production toolkit.

This plugin is great for electronic leads etc.


The Hit Kit V3 is a popular sample package that have been used by popular artists like Michael Jackson, Avicii etc. It’s a solid sample pack with lots of effects.

image 7

Available here: https://www.hitkitsamples.com

Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 (Free)

image 8

This is a free package, you can download it on this page:


Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 is a free collection of sounds made especially for making trap and hip-hop music. It has some of Owen J’s favorite samples, including high-quality drums, 808 bass, brass instruments, hits, stabs, sirens, horns, chimes, bells, bongos, cymbals, and stomps. All the sounds are organized into folders like 808s, snares & claps, FX, hats, kicks, hits & stabs, percussion, and vocal sounds. This makes it easy to find the exact sound you need for your music. Using this sample pack will help you create awesome trap beats and get inspired for your next music project.

Samplephonics Snake Davis Sax (Saxophone Samples)

image 10

You have heard a sax of this package, I am sure. Radio hits like Forever Yours (Avicii) or Klingande – Jubel feature saxophones of this great pack. Or Faul, Wad Ad, Pnau – Changes … I could continue endlessly. 🙂

Native Instruments (Kontakt)

Fits well if you want to build classical/acoustic instruments to your song. Very high-quality sample library (but also expensive). But it’s so, so, good.

native instruments kontakt


  • Extremely high-quality samples
  • Vast library of sounds
  • Ideal for classical and acoustic instruments
  • Professional-grade software


  • Very Expensive
  • Can be resource-intensive on your computer


image 11

I use TruePianos (Avicii/Tim also used this) for Pianos on EDM/Dance/Electronic songs that don’t need to use HQ-classical-sound.

Warez Sites

I want to be honest: Yes, I have downloaded some samples from sites like audioz. But only to test them and not for production uses. If I liked a package, I bought it. I used sites like:

However, I recommend buying packs if you like them and want to use them for your production purposes.

(Some) YouTube Channels

There are A LOT OF channels on YouTube that offer “free sample packages”. Just type into the YT search, something like: “Martin Garrix Sample Pack” and you’ll see what I mean:

image 9

(click on the image to see what I mean)

And yep: I really do that (still) quite often. This is one of the biggest tips I will give you here on this post, as I do this since I started making music in 2011. 😀

Shoutout to the following channels:

The End & Final Words

Producing is about learning the right technique and creativity. Creativity involves finding your own sound, which is a significant part of anyone’s career. I hope you find these sources as cool as I do. High-quality samples can REALLY make a huge difference in your productions with FL Studio, and these platforms offer some of the best sounds available.

I’m thinking about making my own collection of samples (and maybe offer them as download here). I’m also excited how AI will evolve in music.

Any sources I’ve missed? Please write them down in the comments. Happy producing!

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