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How to Recognize AI-Text

In the era of ChatGPT, AI-generated texts have become increasingly prevalent. Many individuals rely on AI tools to create written content. Here are some common phrases frequently used by GPT models:

There are certain telltale signs and common phrases that can help you recognize AI-generated text. In this blog post, we will explore some of these indicators and provide examples to enhance your ability to identify AI texts.

Often-used Phrases

  • “It is important to note”
  • “Es ist wichtig zu beachten” (German)
  • “In conclusion”
  • “Furthermore”
  • “Moreover”
  • “As mentioned earlier”
  • “In other words”
  • “On the other hand”
  • “Additionally”
  • “To illustrate”
  • “Considering the fact that”
  • “Therefore”
  • “Consequently”
  • “In summary”
  • “To begin with”
  • “In essence”
  • “From my perspective”
  • “Generally speaking”
  • “In light of this”
  • “Thus”
  • “Specifically”
  • “On a related note”
  • “Despite this”
  • “In the context of”
  • “With this in mind”

Free Tools to recognize AI Text

Own Opinion / How I use ChatGPT

I pre-write (is that even a word) all of my texts, then I ask GPT what to improve. Common mistakes. But: I do not let AI write all of my texts – no one wants to read AI texts.

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